Hawaiian Electric Working to Manage a Grid with Lots of Solar

by Henry Kaplan | Apr 10, 2014 |


Hawaiian power companies have struggled to accommodate home solar panels. They’ve put restrictions on home and business owners who want to use PV panels, requiring them to get special permission from the utilities. But with such high electricity costs in Hawaii, consumers are jumping to use solar panels to bring their bills down.

Now, Hawaiian Electric has won a $500,000 grant to help smooth this issue out. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that they’ll use to the grant to “develop ways for utilities to manage increased amounts of solar power and other renewable energy on their electric grids.”

With solar power and net-metering so much more popular in Hawaii than elsewhere, Hawaii is the first state to run into many of these issues, and they’ll have to be the first to solve them. But as these rooftop and backyard solar panels spread, more and more utilities are going to encounter these issues.


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