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Integrating bio boiler with gas combi

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    13 Jul 2017
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    Long time veggie burner and biodiesel brewer.

    My house has a gas combi boiler, I want to also run a separate boiler system. This will circulate hot water from the garage to the house.I also checked clean energy video but could not get idea.
    I want to use this heat in the existing house heating system (and later, DHW). But I don't want to remove or interfere with the existing gas combi setup.

    I'm hoping that if I put a heat exchanger on the return side of the current heating loop, I could simply use the existing boilers (room stat) heat demand control to switch the combi's pump on and off. When the boiler sees it is getting hot water back up it's return it will hopefully keep the pump running but not burn any gas.
    Does this seem likely? Or is it too easy and I will need to fit an extra pump in the house heating circuit.

    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
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1 posts, 0 answered